Home Banking And Mobile App

What's New

  • Member to member transfers
  • Easier login
  • Dashboard Access

    *View all of your products from the first screen, and rearrange buttons to fit your preferences

  • Easier Navigation
  • Dark Mode
  • Faster mobile deposits
  • Easier ways to make payments

Online Bill Pay

  • Easy setup
  • NEW Pay a Person Feature
  • Set it-and forget it

Two hours a month – that is the average time people spend paying bills, writing checks, addressing envelopes, and mailing. Now you can pay your bills in minutes with our Online Bill Pay service and give yourself more time to do what you want to do.


  • Know when all your payments will clear (you set the payment dates)
  • Have all your payment records in one place; know at a glance what you've paid (and when)
  • Make a payment from multiple PAFCU checking accounts
  • Download information for your personal accounting software
Voice Banking

Voice banking will allow you to check your balance, make transfers, make payments, and much more with absolutely no hold time. All you need to get started is your member number and verification information such as your birthday and Social Security Number.

How to sign up

  • Call us at our normal number 804-748-3081.
  • When the system prompts you, press 1 for Voice Banking.
  • Voice Banking will then greet you and provide you with your available options.
  • Once you have selected an option, you will then be asked for your member number.
  • Voice Banking will then ask you to set up an access code.
  • Voice Banking will prompt you to verify your identity.
  • Voice Banking will then ask you to enter your access code twice, to ensure that it is accurate.
  • Now you will be able to check your balance, make payments, access account history, and much more.

Street Team

The PAFCU Mobile Unit is a fully operational branch on wheels! The Mobile Unit was designed to meet members where they are, when there are no physical branches in their area. We call our staff on the Mobile Unit, The Street Team. The Mobile Unit also attends community events, and even has a built in ATM! If you are interested in booking the Mobile Unit at your event, please contact us at

Due to COVID-19, the Street Team is not going out into the community. To keep up to date with the Street Team, follow us on social media and check our website. We hope to see you out and about soon!

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Save time, paper and money by having your statement delivered safely and conveniently right to your inbox.
Calculate monthly payments, discover if you should refinance, if you should consolidate debt and more.

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